Saturday, May 12, 2012

Norm wanted his rifle to have a shorter stock with attachments that could be added as his son grows into the original length of the gun stock. I had to cut down the stock into three pieces. I then stripped the stock, sanded it and stained it to match the hand grip. I added leather to the extension pieces and drilled holes for screws.

Here is a Rifle case for a friend of mine. He wanted a nice case to house a 22 cal. rifle for his son. It is made out of Birch and Cherry with Leather straps and handle.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A brand new old Secretary cabinet

A brand new old Secretary cabinet is finished. This turned out awesome and I am very pleased with the results. Bruce was very happy with my work so he and his wife asked me to refinish their dinning room table. You will see that soon. 

As I was stripping the cabinet I noticed that the wood was Quartersawn Red Oak and it is beautiful.
I replace the left side and re cut and fitted the dovetail joints. I also had to re-glue the bottom door because it fell apart during the stripping process.

 Here are some before pictures of a Secretary cabinet I stripped and refinished. this has been in Bruce's family for many years and wanted me to fix it up for him.

This is a Mahogany table that I refinished in June of 2010.

This Bathroom vanity is made from Quilted Red Oak and Red Oak. The top is an old kitchen wash sink the home owner had in the basement. I had to design the cabinet around the top and did I mention it is very very heavy cast iron.